söndag 23 maj 2010

Back again, it´s been a while. Mainly because I`m not sure I want to share my thoughts with everyone....
Anyway, maybe I should have thought of that before starting, right?

Now 3 weeks from today, I will be sleeping on a plane to Bangkok, we are going to spend 10 weeks in Thailand, the whole family.
I´m getting somewhat excited and at the same time a nervous feeling, how will I be able to be away from work so long time?
We are trying Hua Hin for 5 weeks and then we will see...maybe Koh Samet or something!!!
Anyway, yesterday we went to see this really great movie, Robin Hood...if you can... see it!!! Well before the movie starts, we get to see commercials, usually that is fun...but this time we get to see a commercial from a Swedish institute that promotes having sex in various ways...they show intercourse in different ways for several minutes, this on a movie that is rated from 11 years old..so there are kids in the room.....I just get so mad!!!! So I´m starting a facebook group against this commercial and the cinema group who allows it...so please join if you agree!!!