söndag 23 maj 2010

Back again, it´s been a while. Mainly because I`m not sure I want to share my thoughts with everyone....
Anyway, maybe I should have thought of that before starting, right?

Now 3 weeks from today, I will be sleeping on a plane to Bangkok, we are going to spend 10 weeks in Thailand, the whole family.
I´m getting somewhat excited and at the same time a nervous feeling, how will I be able to be away from work so long time?
We are trying Hua Hin for 5 weeks and then we will see...maybe Koh Samet or something!!!
Anyway, yesterday we went to see this really great movie, Robin Hood...if you can... see it!!! Well before the movie starts, we get to see commercials, usually that is fun...but this time we get to see a commercial from a Swedish institute that promotes having sex in various ways...they show intercourse in different ways for several minutes, this on a movie that is rated from 11 years old..so there are kids in the room.....I just get so mad!!!! So I´m starting a facebook group against this commercial and the cinema group who allows it...so please join if you agree!!!

torsdag 9 juli 2009

Do the right thing

When I was growing up my selfesteem was very low, actually it was first in my twenties I started to be somewhat content with myself.

I can remember a time when I was applying for a job, I got hold of a book called "The seeds to success" there was this phrase in the book that really got hold of me and still does.

The phrase was "If you focus on changing the things you are bad at you will only reach soo far, but if you you focus on the things you are good at you will be excelling" In the book the author writes on and says that even the things you are bad at will improve if you focus and improve the things you are already good at, because of the strenght you get from seeing yourself excel.

I then took a decision to always try to improve and to be the best I could be on the things that I already was good at......

It has really helped me a lot, I truly believe that the gift I have been given is the gift I should cherish and use.....

onsdag 8 juli 2009


Why when we read the paper we always find words like the heroes from Turkey returns home...that means that the fotball team from Sweden actually won a game and did not loose...or he loved her so much that they had sex every day for a week an headline in a magasine....

Could it be that the words we use to sell more paper, when used wrong everyday, makes the meaning and power in them more and more numb...is that why we try to find more and more colorful words to express our innermost feelings, because otherwise no one will understand the importance of them for us.

Maybe we should reinvent them again and let yes be yes and no be no, and then maybe even the word love will mean something more than just the physical attraction between two people, and maybe it then will be a power in the words "the power of love"...I think I will get back to this sometime soon.....

Today is a new beginning

Well today I´m starting my new life as a blogger...giving text to the thoughts and feelings that I have inside.
I´m seriously wondering how this will turn out but at the same time I feel confident that if I am the only one reading at least I now have the chance to see what I´m thinking.....