onsdag 8 juli 2009


Why when we read the paper we always find words like the heroes from Turkey returns home...that means that the fotball team from Sweden actually won a game and did not loose...or he loved her so much that they had sex every day for a week an headline in a magasine....

Could it be that the words we use to sell more paper, when used wrong everyday, makes the meaning and power in them more and more numb...is that why we try to find more and more colorful words to express our innermost feelings, because otherwise no one will understand the importance of them for us.

Maybe we should reinvent them again and let yes be yes and no be no, and then maybe even the word love will mean something more than just the physical attraction between two people, and maybe it then will be a power in the words "the power of love"...I think I will get back to this sometime soon.....

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